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Engine Replacement

An engine replacement for your medium duty truck or van may be required to keep you on the road and your business operating.

Your truck’s engine isn’t fail-proof. It can suffer from serious damage and even lose power due to high mileage, general wear and tear, or a collision. Blown engines and engine failure due to overheating, improper lubrication, as well as coolant, hoses, or radiator leaks can render the engine seriously damaged beyond repair.

While it’s not a common strategy to get your vehicle back in shape, truck engine replacement is a more practical and less costly option than buying a new vehicle altogether.

When looking to give your truck engine a new lease on life, trust the team at Truck-N-Trailer. Our certified mechanics will conduct a comprehensive and systematic inspection of your vehicle’s engine to diagnose the issue. Through our professional engine replacement service in Oklahoma City, we give you the best results so you get your truck back on the road and performing like new.

What makes Truck-N-Trailer’s commercial delivery truck’s engine replacement service stand out?

  • We have a team of qualified, well-trained, and experienced mechanics.
  • We are fully equipped with state-of-the-art tools and technologies for your engine replacement needs.
  • We value your business and strive for quick turnaround time, every time.
  • We serve national fleets and owners / operators.
  • We have OEM, aftermarket and slightly used parts available.
  • We offer JASPER remanufactured engine installation service.
  • We offer competitive rates.

For all your engine replacement needs in Oklahoma City, drive in or make an appointment with us at Truck-N-Trailer. Contact us today!

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