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When you reduce the speed of your medium duty truck and it produces a squealing or grinding noise or gives off an unusual vibration and pulling, you know something isn’t right. Your truck or van should never hit the road in such situations because most likely, your brakes need specialized service. You need a reliable team of professional mechanics to check on your work truck’s brakes.

Bring your truck to Truck-N-Trailer, Oklahoma City’s premier medium duty truck service and repair facility. We keep your medium duty vehicle running at its peak performance. And more importantly, we believe safe driving should never be compromised when hitting the road.

Truck-N-Trailer employs certified technicians who will inspect your vehicle’s braking systems and components to determine the problem. We can replace warped or thin rotors and drums, glazed, corroded, or burned brake pads or caliper mounting hardware. We can keep your brake system greased and lubricated. We conduct brake repairs and resolve any specific issue(s). Our family owned and operated facility features cutting-edge technology and equipment to get your truck back to producing proper pedal feel, firmer and more stable stops for better operational efficiency overall.

At Truck-N-Trailer, we value your business. That’s why we make it a point to provide you with competitive rates, and quick turnaround time to get you back in your work vehicle. We are capable of handling owner operated trucks and national fleets.

At Truck-N-Trailer, we insist that it’s safety first for our customers. You will always leave our Oklahoma City brake repair and service bay with peace of mind knowing your vehicle is back to its superior braking performance.

For dependable medium duty vehicle brake service, contact Truck-N-Trailer today! We accept walk-ins and scheduled drop-off appointments.

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