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Delivery trucks are essential in many industries and sectors. In the U.S alone, 80% of communities depend on delivery trucks for everyday goods such as food, medicine, raw materials, and a lot more. Therefore, business owners need to choose delivery trucks that are dependable and with a good reputation of a long service life.

For many years, Isuzu delivery trucks have been a staple in the world of commercial vehicle operations. They are known for their durability,reliability and are designed to handle tough jobs. But no truck is invincible. To get the most out of your investment, you need to employ some basic maintenance tips that will extend the life of your Isuzu delivery truck and keep it running like new.

Here are useful maintenance tips for Isuzu delivery trucks.

Keep a truck maintenance log.

Keeping track of the maintenance that you have done on your Isuzu truck is important. It will show you when it was serviced, what issues were found and addressed at each visit, and give you a good idea of where to focus your attention for future fleet vehicle maintenance visits to be more effective. Keep up with scheduled fleet truck repair intervals; this will help extend the useful service life of the truck and help make it more dependable in tough situations. Keep the engine as clean as possible to aid in visual inspection for any fluid leaks.

Your delivery truck’s engine bay should be kept clean of debris that can include mud, sand, leaves, bugs, and more. Ignoring these contaminants can decrease the performance of the climate control system, accelerate wear over time in external moving parts if dirt/mud enter the rotating assemblies under the hood such as A/C compressor, power steering pump, alternator, and the drive belt system.

Monitor your fluids regularly.

It’s important to always keep an eye on your delivery truck’s fluids to prevent sudden breakdowns and serious potential damage. For a quick inspection, check the fluid levels before leaving on the delivery route each day.

Change oil regularly.

Your Isuzu delivery truck engine needs clean oil to help prevent breakdowns. Over time, the efficiency of your oil breaks down and if you don’t pay attention to the oil condition/service interval, it can result in engine failure. Change your oil regularly to maintain proper lubrication which helps cool engine components. More importantly, it also removes sludge and particles from your engine and keeps the engine clean internally.

Invest in the right truck cargo accessories.

Having the right accessories in the cargo area such a e-track straps, load bars, or j-hooks for example; in your Isuzu delivery trucks will allow you to maximize their use and keep the cargo area in good cosmetic physical shape. Whether you are delivering food, liquors, furniture, or other cargo you can help ensure the condition of your truck and your load, and minimize damage to your cargo.


Keeping your Isuzu delivery trucks in good shape will help you avoid operational delays which makes it a good investment for your delivery business. Schedule a fleet vehicle maintenance to ensure all your delivery trucks are fully roadworthy.


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