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backup camera system for trucks

Since their invention in the 1900s, trucks have always been a part of our daily lives. They’re especially useful to us because of their capability to haul large volumes of cargo not possible by the ordinary automobile. And they are extremely versatile; you can make them work on almost any terrain. But despite its rugged usefulness, trucks have a weakness – they have several blind spots that make it difficult to maneuver especially when backing up.

According to the awareness organization for child safety around vehicles, in the U.S., at least 50 kids get backed over by vehicles each week and two of these are fatal. Sadly, more than 50% of these accidents involve trucks and other large vehicles.

Accidents while backing up happen especially to small children because the driver can’t see them from the driver’s seat. For this reason and in order to avoid accidents, it is wise for commercial vehicle operators to make sure a backup camera is installed in their vehicles.

Here are things you need to consider when installing a backup camera for your medium truck:

If your truck is two years old or newer, it may have a backup camera already Installed.  Please refer to the owner’s manual.

There are many different types of aftermarket backup cameras you can buy today. The truck backup camera installation for each truck may vary somewhat depending on the layout of your particular truck.

If you want to install a camera on an older truck, seek help from a technician who specializes in a backup camera system for trucks like Truck-N-Trailer Service.

When purchasing a backup camera system, be sure to get the maximum video quality for the device to serve its purpose. Getting a clear image of what’s right behind your vehicle is the primary purpose of having a backup camera in the first place. The clarity of the images is determined by the quality of your camera and the resolution of your monitor.

Advantages of Installing Truck Backup Cameras

Medium duty truck backup camera installation isn’t just a trend – it’s a necessity. In fact, rear view monitoring is a federal requirement even for lighter, easier-to-maneuver commercial vehicles. When you have a backup camera installed on your truck, blind spots will be minimized, your ability to back up safely will increase, damage to your truck will be avoided, and most importantly, the risk of accidents while backing up which can lead to injury or loss of lives will decrease.

Be sure to have a backup camera system for trucks on all of your commercial vehicles. It can really help you to save lives and protect your business. For quality backup camera installation call Truck-N-Trailer Service at (405) 912-5800 or visit our website


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