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A lift gate is a metal platform that is mounted at the rear of various types of trucks. They are specifically used for lifting cargo up or down from the ground during loading or unloading of the item(s). Powered typically by an electric motor driven hydraulic pump system, this component when installed on a truck makes moving heavier items a much safer operation.

Lift gates are designed to keep cargo stationary during the loading and unloading process. It is intended to deliver these advantages:

  • Eliminate the need for ramps
  • Reduce the risk of damage to cargo being shipped
  • Facilitate ease of loading/unloading operation in the absence of a loading dock
  • Reduce the need for physical manpower

Designed for strength and durability, lift gates rarely encounter problems with regular preventative maintenance, especially the higher-quality models. But because they are exposed to heavy use, wear and tear is inevitable over time. Here are the two most common lift gate problems and their solutions.

Your Lift gate won’t lift off the ground

Lift gates are run by a motor/pump and when they malfunction, it could be due to issues involving the motor/pump itself.

Your lift gate may have a problem with a defective switch or a broken wiring connection. To be able to trace the problem quickly and with certainty, you need to have some knowledge of electrical systems. If you don’t possess these skills, your best approach to trace and address the problem would be to seek help from a truck lift gate repair specialist.

Your lift gate produces a Squeaking Noise

Normally, lift gates are supposed to run smoothly and with a minimum of noise, but if there are issues caused by poor lubrication or lack of hydraulic pressure, unusual sounds can appear.

Prevent squeaks and other unusual sounds by using lubricants manufactured specifically for lift gates. You will get more information about this by searching online “box truck lift gate repair near me” for recommendations from your local box truck experts.

If unusual sounds persist even with the use of quality lubricants, take your truck to a professional to have the issue diagnosed and repaired.

There are other problems that can occur with your lift gate or to the platform. These can be quite complex and make troubleshooting a tricky job. When your lift gate presents issues that are beyond your ability to repair, have them addressed by experienced truck lift gate repair experts.

You truck’s lift gate plays a big role in the efficient operation of your business. When something goes wrong, call the experienced mechanics at Truck-N-Trailer!

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